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Cleaning the living room upholstery reveals the presence of bed bugs in the cushions. How did these vermin get into the house? Who can provide assistance with removing them? Bed bugs have taken up residents in gymnasiums, office buildings, motels and retail stores. People transport bed bugs from one place to another without knowing. In the house, bed bugs inhabit anywhere a warm-bodied host sleeps. Pest removal specialists know the best techniques for locating and removing these vermin. DO NOT DELAY The presence of bed bugs is not an indication of how clean the house is at any given time. Clients should call our offices at the first sign of vermin in the house. Rapid intervention ensures that bed bugs are not allowed to move into bedrooms or pet areas. Bed bugs can lie dormant in couch cushions, carpets and other furnishings for a full year without ingesting blood from the host. BED BUGS LEAVE DISTINCT SIGNS A bed bug resembles an apple seed in shape, color and size. Case skins are left behind when the bed bug sheds the old skin during a growth cycle. Anywhere the bed bugs are living, the case skins will be present. In addition, black or brown stains on surfaces indicate that the bed bugs are feeding on a host. Pets can move bed bugs from their beds into the living areas in the home. FOLLOWING THE BED BUG EXTERMINATION Certain recommendations should be followed once our extermination specialist has removed the bed bug infestation.
  • Clear clutter from every room in the home;
  • Launder all bed linens at regular intervals in the hottest water recommended by the manufacturer;
  • Conduct careful inspections of all second-hand items, such as linens, clothes and upholstered furniture, for the presence of bed bugs;
  • Perform regular inspections on the furniture, beds and pet areas;
  • Inspect the entire house following vacation trips, guest visits or moving to a new home.
Novice attempts to remove bed bugs will most likely fail. Contact our office today to schedule a visit from one of our experts. Bed bugs can be overcome through our proven extermination techniques. Do not delay any longer? Call us today!